Adding a Mac to the Research Domain

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Using LDAP and Automount. Written for Panther 10.3, and Tiger 10.4. If you configure the Research Domain on Panther, and later upgrade to Tiger, it does not ruin the setup.

Configure LDAP

  • Open Directory Access (in Utilities) and set all items but LDAPv3 to disabled.


    • Uncheck Use DHCP-supplied LDAP Server

  • Create a new ... configuration with the following properties (In Tiger, use Manual mode):
    • Configuration Name: Research
    • Server Name or IP Address:
    • LDAP Mappings: RFC 2307 (Unix)
      • Search Base Suffix: dc=iat,dc=sfu,dc=ca
    • SSL is not selected
    • Click Edit...
    • Go to the Security Tab, check Use authentication when connecting
      • Distinguished Name: cn=Reader,dc=iat,dc=sfc,dc=ca



  • Go back to Directory Access and in the Authentication and Contacts tabs, Search should be selected on Custom path

With that done Add... /LDAPv3/



Enable Root User:

  • Open NetInfo Manager (in Utilities), click Security, and then Authenticate. Log in as someone with admin privileges.

Then click Security again and click Enable Root user. This is required for the next step.

Configure Automounting of Home Directory

Note: when trying to secure copy (scp) from Tirpitz, you will be prompted for a Tirpitz acct. password. But Tirpitz has been changed to disallow anyone trying to login externally as root. So, prior to performing the following steps, Tirpitz's security will have to be modified to allow root login.

  • Open a terminal (located in Utilities) and switch user to root.
    • # su -
  • Create the following directories:
    • #mkdir -p /home/users
    • #mkdir -p /home/projects
    • #mkdir -p /home/local/bin
  • Copy files or folders from the lightning server as root:
    • #scp root@tirpitz:/usr/local/automounting/usr/local/bin/\* /usr/local/bin
    • #scp root@tirpitz:/usr/local/automounting/etc/crontab /etc/crontab
    • #scp root@tirpitz:/usr/local/automounting/bin/localshell /bin/localshell
    • #scp -r root@tirpitz:/usr/local/automounting/etc/localshell /etc/localshell
  • Run:
    • # /usr/local/bin/


  • Test by logging into the machine with a research account.