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SFU Vault

SFU is offering access to the highly versatile SFU vault cloud storage service to faculty, staff, and students who have an active SFU Computing ID. This service is available at no cost and can be used across multiple devices. The servers reside in British Columbia which eliminates any risk of storing sensitive information within US-based cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

SFU vault provides easy file sharing between teams or individual users to assist in the various projects undertaken by University members and to foster collaboration from external access points.

Faculty, staff, and students will only require Internet connectivity from any location to manage their files in the cloud storage system

More information and setup instructions can be located here:


As of March 2, 2019, our SIAT ownCloud server has been shut down. It has been superceded by the SFU Vault service that is also based on the ownCloud platform.