MAC Addresses and Hostnames

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Infrastructure Machines

<<seriously obsolete - deleted June 2013. G.R.P.>>


Hostname         Alias                    HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface       IPAddress
sr-slinky        ether   00:02:B3:A3:76:3F   C                     eth0
sr-echo          ether   00:D0:B7:23:AF:58   C                     eth0
sr-whisper       ether   00:90:27:76:A5:7D   C                     eth0
sr-beaufort      ether   00:D0:B7:AC:9A:B6   C                     eth0
sr-lightning     ether   00:0A:95:6D:CC:26   C                     eth0
sr-lancer        ether   00:10:DC:CF:BF:34   C                     eth0
sr-tirpitz       ether   00:10:DC:DA:51:0D   C                     eth0
sr-kingfisher    ether   00:10:DC:E0:EF:69   C                     eth0
sr-clipper       ether   00:10:DC:DA:7F:43   C                     eth0
sr-bismarck      ether   00:10:DC:DA:81:F0   C                     eth0
sr-navajo        ether   00:0E:A6:68:42:05   C                     eth0
sr-hood          ether   00:07:E9:05:09:C0   C                     eth0
sr-musashi       ether                       C                     eth0
sr-spitfire      ether   00:15:17:63:6D:35   C                     bond0
sr-hurricane     ether   00:15:17:63:70:79   C                     bond0


sr-00214 00:0c:6e:65:37:72

sr-00217 00:0c:6e:65:37:a5

sr-00218 00:0c:6e:40:7b:ad

sr-00230 00:0c:6e:65:37:c1

sr-00213 00:0c:6e:40:7c:0f

sr-01009 00:0e:a6:bc:e1:3e

sr-00221 00:0c:6e:40:7b:ba

sr-00220 00:0c:6e:40:7b:ca

sr-00223 00:0c:6e:40:7b:de

sr-01011 00:0e:a6:bc:e2:ba

sr-00215 00:0c:6e:65:42:65

sr-00222 00:0c:6e:40:7b:d5

sr-00231 00:15:e9:41:55:3f

sr-01008 00:0e:a6:bc:e3:bb

sr-01007 00:0e:a6:bc:e0:ec

sr-00227 00:0c:6e:65:37:84

sr-00226 00:0c:6e:40:79:0d

sr-01378 00:0c:6e:08:bc:3b alias: wallace

sr-01379 00:0c:6e:08:bd:f6 alias: darwin

sr-01380 00:0c:6e:08:be:aa alias: franklin

sr-01150 00:11:95:df:b8:f4

sr-01143 00:d0:b7:b2:3c:98

sr-01453 00:11:95:df:bb:8b

sr-00216 00:0c:6e:40:7b:c2

sr-01381 00:0c:6e:08:be:53 alias: gould

sr-01382 00:02:b3:4d:0e:93

sr-00224 00:0c:6e:65:42:69

sr-00228 00:0c:6e:40:7c:47

sr-00225 00:0c:6e:7c:0e:b2

sr-00219 00:0c:6e:65:37:6e

sr-01014 00:90:27:76:81:03

sr-01013 00:0e:a6:ba:7e:e9

sr-01010 00:0e:a6:bc:e2:b4

sr-01012 00:0e:a6:bc:e2:cc

sr-01077 00:0d:93:c5:5d:ea

sr-00883 00:0d:93:2c:aa:1c

sr-00229 00:0c:6e:65:37:bf

sr-01377 00:16:cb:89:fd:7b

sr-w01377 (the iMac) 00:16:cb:03:61:16

sr-01001 (ibm laptop) 00:0d:60:cd:82:60

sr-w01001 00:0c:f1:2e:51:c0

sr-01469 00:13:72:23:37:02

sr-eglen 00:0c:29:8b:65:92

sr-00310 (ibm laptop) 00:0d:60:12:9e:2b

sr-w00310 00:02:8a:aa:3a:85

sr-00237 08:00:69:14:78:e2 alias: fuel

sr-01533 00:18:f3:a7:41:fd

sr-01483 00:18:8b:2b:6f:12

sr-00853 00:18:8b:2c:62:e5


sr-00846 00:0a:95:cc:3d:8e

sr-01135 00:11:d8:df:df:47 alias: AccessGrid01

sr-01154 00:11:d8:df:db:1c alias: AccessGrid02

sr-00101 00:04:76:f7:b8:44

sr-01426 00:13:d4:82:f8:61

sr-01146 00:13:d4:82:fa:96

sr-01428 00:13:d4:82:f9:c5

sr-01120 00:0f:1f:d9:af:90

Marek's Group

sr-00854 00:0c:6e:60:8b:e3

Lyn Bartram

sr-01383 00:13:72:1D:15:89

sr-01454 00:17:08:2a:88:a4

sr-01455 00:17:08:2a:d8:a0

ibm server for Drew
sr-01482 00:02:55:1a:54:3e


sr-00340 00:02:a5:e7:35:a2

sr-00341 00:02:a5:e7:36:56

sr-00315 00:02:a5:e7:35:c1

sr-00317 00:02:a5:e7:35:a3

sr-00318 00:02:a5:e7:36:0e

sr-00333 00:02:a5:e7:35:ba

sr-00318 00:02:a5:e7:36:0e

sr-00319 00:02:a5:e7:35:c2

sr-00844 00:11:2f:20:9d:5f

sr-00334 00:02:a5:e7:35:85

sr-00316 00:02:a5:e7:35:86

sr-00339 00:02:a5:e7:35:c0

sr-00314 00:02:a5:e7:35:b9

sr-00103 00:0a:5e:00:e5:12

sr-01104 00:03:93:d5:8b:4e

sr-01106 00:0a:95:69:83:40

sr-01108 00:0a:95:90:28:dc

sr-00338 00:02:a5:e7:36:02

sr-00332 00:02:a5:e7:35:b3

sr-00336 00:02:a5:e7:35:cb

sr-00337 00:02:a5:e7:36:00

sr-00851 00:18:f3:3f:4a:88

IA Lab

sr-viconds 00:80:79:03:4e:2b static ip:

sr-00987 00:11:2f:87:0d:eb

sr-00986 00:11:2f:87:0f:49

sr-00453 00:0a:95:c9:15:06

sr-w00453 00:0a:95:f5:a1:23

sr-00276 00:0a:95:6d:91:5e

sr-w00276 00:03:93:eb:a1:e2

sr-00452 00:0a:95:a7:ed:0e

sr-w00452 00:0a:95:f5:a1:24

sr-00150 00:0a:5e:01:ef:15

sr-00273 00:03:93:d4:5b:a8

sr-w00273 00:03:93:ed:31:e0

sr-00155 00:0a:5e:01:ee:a2

sr-00149 00:0a:5e:01:f8:e8

sr-00274 00:0a:95:9f:37:d4

sr-00275 00:0a:95:9a:b0:ca

sr-w00275 00:03:93:eb:ac:7f

sr-00455 00:0a:95:a7:ec:3c

sr-w00455 00:0a:95:f5:a1:13

sr-00597 00:0a:95:a7:b7:20

sr-w00597 00:0d:93:7d:9b:d3

sr-00160 00:0a:95:88:45:a0

sr-w00160 00:30:65:0c:8c:de

sr-00451 00:0a:95:a7:ea:3c

sr-w00451 00:0a:95:f5:a1:2e

sr-00988 00:11:2f:87:0f:72

sr-01456 00:0d:93:41:2f:64

sr-w01456 00:11:24:1f:d7:50

sr-01155 00:0e:7f:61:eb:1b

sr-00151 00:0a:5e:01:f9:0b

sr-00153 00:0a:5e:01:f9:3d

sr-00158 00:0a:95:92:a9:a2

sr-w00158 00:30:65:27:54:60

sr-01427 00:13:d4:82:f8:71

sr-00989 00:11:2f:87:0f:6e

sr-00269 00:0a:95:95:08:42

sr-00154 00:0a:5e:01:e4:fb

sr-01468 00:d0:b7:23:8e:62

Dell Drop-In Lab

sr-01457 00:0d:56:d7:a5:1c

sr-01458 00:0d:56:d7:a5:18

sr-01459 00:0d:56:d7:a4:e4

sr-01460 00:0d:56:d7:a4:e9

sr-01461 00:0d:56:d7:9d:81

sr-01462 00:0d:56:d7:5f:14

sr-01463 00:0d:56:d7:5f:5e

sr-01464 00:0d:56:d7:9d:8a

sr-01465 00:0d:56:d7:9d:36

sr-01466 00:03:93:cd:ad:b8

sr-01467 00:03:93:66:f9:08

DLink Switches

3730 dlink 00:05:5d:1b:08:78

3708 dlink 00:05:5d:9a:ca:f6

storage room dlink 00:05:5d:9a:ca:86

Personal & Research Laptops

00:03:93:EB:A1:E2 IA Lab - mac 3
00:03:93:EC:F6:11 g4 Rob W. heritage
00:03:93:ED:06:C5 IA_Lab_17inch_2
00:03:93:ED:4B:1E IA Lab 17-inch
00:04:23:4C:8F:E0 IBM T40 Thinkpad
00:04:23:96:A8:A7 Jurika Shakya
00:05:3C:07:CA:54 WinXP Tablet
00:06:25:17:36:1C Davis Marques Laptop
00:06:25:42:35:FD Shilpi Laptop
00:07:E0:27:11:21 Bowes Palm
00:07:E0:27:56:37 Gord's Tungsten C
00:0A:95:93:04:9A Robb's 19" PowerBook
00:0A:95:F1:F5:5D Lone Powerbook
00:0A:95:F5:04:4C Thecla 15" PowerBook
00:0A:95:F5:A1:13 IA Lab G5
00:0A:95:F5:A1:23 IA Lab - mac
00:0A:95:F5:A1:2E IA Lab - mac2
00:0C:F1:1B:ED:50 Timmy Eap WinXP lap
00:0C:F1:2E:51:C0 IBM T41 #1
00:0C:F1:3E:E5:55 diPaola Inspiron8600
00:0D:93:7D:9B:D3 IA Lab - mac3
00:0D:93:83:FB:93 DeniseWithers G4
00:0D:93:84:6A:E7 Tom's G5 - SVE
00:0D:93:84:F5:0E Mark G4 Powerbook
00:0D:93:84:F5:16 Gord's G4 PowerBook
00:0D:93:85:24:0F Robin G4 PowerBook
00:0D:93:8C:2D:E7 IM Lab G5 23" HD
00:0D:93:8C:35:54 IM Lab PB 15in
00:0D:93:EB:49:33 IM Lab PB 15in 2
00:0D:93:F0:B7:B0 Jack Sam iBook
00:0E:9B:8E:65:6A Jag's VAIO Laptop
00:11:24:20:47:BC Pat's Laptop
00:11:24:8C:88:BB Ron Wakkary laptop
00:11:24:96:97:EA Ed's - Powerbook

00:11:F5:15:C4:9E Jag Toshiba Laptop
00:12:F0:74:0C:3E Jelena
00:12:F0:75:1D:16 Dragan Gasevic
00:13:CE:66:80:70 radina's MAC
00:16:CB:BA:8F:2B Hendriks MacBook Pro
00:30:5B:20:71:54 Nikon WT-2A (D2x)
00:30:65:0A:7A:BA skozel G4
00:30:65:0C:8C:DE Robin's G4 Laptop
00:30:65:0C:8E:86 Thecla
00:30:65:0E:03:9D Mayo's G4 Powerbook
00:30:65:27:54:30 IA Lab
00:30:65:27:54:60 Gord's Laptop
00:30:65:28:8A:79 Griff G4 laptop
00:30:65:2C:58:15 K. Newby's PowerBook
00:90:96:79:90:4E Ashok

Greg's powerbook g4
wired: 00:03:93:c8:19:4a wireless: 00:10:c6:7f:de:8e

Ed's SGI:
barbados 08:00:69:0e:84:f4

Diane Gromala's pc which is currently in use by David Johnston
sr-dgr 00:13:72:17:6f:ab

rob w's notebook:
sr-01480 00:0a:95:a0:d8:bc

sr-w01480 00:03:93:ec:cd:4c

Computers to be added by Keir