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XP Image Adjustments: To Be made

1. --Solid Works licence service needs to be enabled - and CosmoFlow Add-In Unchecked

2. --Verify possession of PDF initialization

3. Verify Old Macromedia Flash License inserted

4. Fix AMD processor problems

5. Apply most recent Windows Updates

6. Fix SoundMax in msconfig

7. Install Visio

8. Install McAffee Engine Update 15 (patrick Public ACS)

9. latest Updates -Windows

10. latest Updates -Mcafee

11. reconfigure Lexmark Driver, Duplex

12. Serial Numbers for Macromedia 8, CS3 available on desktop

Useful Update Switches

emerge -vps <package>

emerge -DNuvp --world


emerge -vp --depclean (to list redudant packages)

emerge -pP <package> <package> <package> <package> <package> [followed by another revdep-rebuild]