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Before You Begin

Printing costs account for a large portion of SIAT's operating expenses so please use the printers judiciously. If the printer supports it, use its double-sided (also known as "duplex") printing option. Colour prints cost more than black-and-white prints, so please print as black-and-white whenever possible.

Printer Features

Ricoh Printers

As of September 2018, SIAT has transitioned to Ricoh printers. These printers feature b+w and colour capabilities, along with scanning, faxing, printing and copying. Print jobs are sent to a central queue and only sent to a printer when the user goes to it and releases her print job. This will reduce the number of wrong, wasted or forgotten prints. This also secures all print jobs and ensures that only the user sees the documents that she is printing. IMPORTANT: in order to use these printers, you must first register your student card or fob on one of the printers (doesn't matter which one). Instructions for doing so can be found here: [].

HP Designjet 800ps

Located in room 3700, near the SIAT mailboxes. This is a large format inkjet printer that uses 42" wide roll paper. Its primary use is for producing posters for display purposes. This printer is not connected to the network, and can only be used by logging onto the computer located next to it. Before using this printer, please read the information on this page: Using the Large Format Printer and Scanning PC

Installing a Printer

In case a printer has not been installed on your workstation, here is a handy reference to install a Research printer under Windows, Mac, or Linux.

If you have a Mac or Linux machine with an automatic DNS discovery tool, such as Bonjour, Avahi, or Zeroconf, you can browse the network for these printers to add them. The printers will show up with a name listed below (like sr-isoroku); further details in each operating system section.

Ricoh Printers

A complete set of installation instructions and printer/copier operation guides can be found here:

NOTE: Windows Users
You may encounter an issue when following the directions where you cannot connect to the network file share, and see a message that says something to the effect of:
You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access
The problem is caused by a Windows default security setting.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Run window (Win + R) and typed gpedit.msc to open the Local Group Policy Editor.


  1. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> Lanman Workstation and select the Enable insecure guest logons as shown in the below screenshot.


  1. Change its value to Enabled, then click on OK. You should now be able to connect to the network file share.


Other Printers

For all other printers, please use the following directions:

  1. To install a new printer, find out which printers are closest to you and note the printer's hostname, such as You can find a complete list below.
  2. Follow the guide below for your operating system to add the printer:

Research Printers

  • HP 800ps large format printer/plotter


Follow the links below to download the printer driver you need to install on your computer: