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To assist in usage-compliance, maximize value from our software-purchases, minimize administrative overhead, and enable our Researchers, we prefer floating-licenses ("concurrent licenses"). These floating licenses allow a small group of users to run the application, from a large pool of installed/potential users.

We currently have four installed key-servers, used to permit/deny these floating applications:

  • Sassafras K2 keyserver, running on bismarck (Adobe products, and others)
  • flexlm keyserver, running on Lancer (Maya)
  • flexlm keyserver, running on Lancer (USB hardware-keyed, needed for SolidWorks)
  • IBM LUM, running on Lancer (for CATIA)

License Management

Software Version Platform Expires Renewed Keyserver
Morae 2.0 Windows January 25, 2008 April 13, 2007 nodelocked(?)
Solidworks Edu. Networks Subs., Standard Windows April 30, 2009 May 1, 2008 FlexLM - Lancer
Noldus Observer 6.1.40 Windows USB-keyed (nodelocked)
Mathworks Matlab Windows FlexLM - Lancer
Maya Windows/Linux FlexLM - Lancer
Sassafras K2 Windows/Mac/Linux July 28, 2008 July 27, 2008 N/A
SICStus Prolog Windows/Linux Oct 1, 2007 Oct 1, 2008 N/A