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SolidWorks 2011-2012 Educational - Network Edition

License-Server Installation


Although SolidWorks uses the FlexLM network license manager, it doesn't use the LMtools.exe utility that we use for other FlexLM licenses (eg: Maya). Instead, it uses its SolidNetWork License Manager which gets installed onto the license server (sr-lancer). Their license manager writes to the same tables as LMtools.exe, though, so LMtools can be used to confirm that the license was properly installed.

Upgrading To A Newer Version

These instructions are for upgrading 2010-2011 Edu. to 2011-2012 Ed. The basic idea is that we need to transfer the license from our server, back to SolidWorks, uninstall the old SolidNetWork License Manager from our server, install the new SolidNetWork License Manager, then activate it by typing in our multi-user network license serial number.

  • Login to sr-lancer.
  • Start the SolidWorks License Manager.
  • Click on the License Usage tab to see if any licenses are in use. If there are, contact the user to ask them to exit the program.
  • In the Server Administration tab, click on the Stop button to shut down the service.
    There'll be a warning that stopping the service can lose licenses. As long as all users have returned their licenses, this will not be an issue.
  • In the Server Administration tab, click on the Modify button.
  • On the product activation page, choose Transfer a software license and click on Next. This will return the license activation.
  • Uninstall SolidNetWork License Manager via the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog.
  • (If you now run lmtools, you'll see that the entry for the location of the license files for SolidWorks has been deleted, as have the actual files themselves.)
  • Insert the SolidWorks DVD (for sr-lancer, we need the 32-bit version), then find the setup or install program on the DVD and run it.
  • When the installation manager appears, choose the Server products radio button, and then select the Install SolidNetWork License Manager checkbox. Press the Next button to continue.
  • Enter your SolidWorks serial number and click Next.
  • On the Summary page, click on Install and the license manager installation will begin.
  • After the license manager has finished installing, make sure it's using the correct port and license server:
  • Activate the license.
  • (Now, if you run lmtools, you'll find an entry for SolidWorks' license files, plus you'll see that new files have been created on the server.)