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Maya provided by Autodesk

Instructions for Maya 2011, 2012 and Higher

License-Server Installation

Adding a Maya network license file to a server that never had one before:

  • Obtain a FlexLM network license file from our Autodesk vendor (they will need the name of our server, sr-lancer, and its MAC address).
  • Copy the license file onto our server (sr-lancer).
  • Make sure that lmtools.exe has been installed on the server. This file is downloadable from Autodesk (windows32_licenseserver_11.7.msi).
  • Once lmtools.exe has been installed, run it.
  • Go into the Mode menu item and make sure that Configuration Using Services is checked.
  • Go into the Config Services tab.
  • Edit the Service Name field and create a new service called, "Autodesk".
  • Set the path to the lmgrd.exe file (should be in the same folder as lmtools.exe).
  • Set the path to the network license file that our vendor created for us.
  • Set the path to the debug log file. (You must first manually create an empty text file to use as your log file, then browse to it.)
  • Enable the Use Services and Start Services on Power Up checkboxes.
  • Click on Save Service.
  • Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab, highlight the Autodesk service, and then stop/start the server.

If an Autodesk Network License was already installed on this server:

  • Copy the new license file to the same folder as the existing file.
  • Launch lmtools.exe, and then go into Config Services, choose the Autodesk service, and update the license path to point to the new file.
  • Then go to the Stop/Start/Reread tab, and click on ReRead License File.

NOTE: Since Autodesk Maya 2010, the new network license file will contain the licensing information for past licenses, so the new network license file can replace older, existing files. In other words, even though our new license might be for Maya 2012 + 3-seats, our older Maya 2011 + 3-seats version should also work with this new license.

Maya Client (Workstation) Installation

A silent deployment for Maya 2011 can be created by running the setup.exe program and choosing to create a new deployment:

  • You will be prompted for the target directory where the administration image or deployment image should be created.
  • On the page entitled Create Deployment, click on Configure and set the license to Network License, the license server to Single Server (because we only have a single license server), and the address for the server should be
  • The install app will then create a deployment image that will contain a Windows shortcut link for silently installing a copy Maya configured to use our network license.
  • Note: if you want to install a 32-bit version of Maya on a 64-bit machine, you will need to create deployment image for it. You cannot use a 32-bit Maya deployment image, created for a 32-bit machine, on a 64-bit machine.

Instructions for Maya 2011 (this information is deprecated)

License-Server Installation

The license server (FLEXnet) was downloaded from the Autodesk Subscriptions website and installed (as an rpm). Use the following init.d script to make it run:

# Copyright 1999-2004 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/app-admin/flexlm/files/flexlm-init,v 1.4 2006/09/26 04:10:49 eradicator Exp $

depend() {
        need net

start() {
        ebegin "Starting flexnet lmgrd"
        su - ${LMUSER} -c "echo starting lmgrd >> '${LMLOG}'"
        nohup su - ${LMUSER} -c "umask 022; /opt/flexnetserver/lmgrd -c '${LMLICENSE}' >> '${LMLOG}'"
        su - ${LMUSER} -c "echo sleep 5 >> '${LMLOG}'"
        sleep 5
        su - ${LMUSER} -c "echo lmdiag >> '${LMLOG}'"
        su - ${LMUSER} -c "/opt/flexnetserver/lmdiag -n -c '${LMLICENSE}' >> '${LMLOG}'"
        su - ${LMUSER} -c "echo exiting >> '${LMLOG}'"
        eend $?

stop() {
        ebegin "Stopping flexnet lmgrd"
        /opt/flexnetserver/lmdown -q -all -c "${LMLICENSE}"
        eend $?

And here's the conf.d for it:

# Logfile path: (NOTE: This must be uid/gid owned by the value of $LMUSER!)

# Run the lmgrd user as:

# List all license files delimeted by a colon

Make sure you open port 2080 in the firewall, and also allow pings since Maya 2011 requires this.

Maya Client (Workstation) Installation

When installing the software, make sure to select Network License, and enter for the server. You also need to modify the generated license file.

The location of this license-file varies a bit, according to your OS:

  • Mac: /var/flexlm/Maya.lic
  • Windows: C:\flexlm\Maya.lic
  • Linux, IRIX, etc: /var/flexlm/Maya.lic

Open the file in a text-editor and modify it to look as such

SERVER 0 2080

Intructions for Maya 2008

Maya provided by Alias

Lmhostid is a unique number created for each computer by the lmhostid program provided by alias. This number is required for purchasing a license, and is also called: Hardware Info: System ID.

Purchasing Maya

Make sure you purchase the floating license version, this is the only version that can be floated through a flexlm server. Keep track of the Customer Location Code (CLC).


Fill out the license form and select floating here:


Relocation is required if you move the flexlm server to another machine, or you have a license file created with 1 hardwareID that you want to use on another server. Alias will provide you with a new license file if you fill in the relocation form:

License-Server Installation

Download pdr_LicenseServer10.80_linux.tar.gz which contains lmgrd and sgiawd, necessary executables for starting flexlm with an alias license.dat file.

Download it from:



put the license.dat file in the /etc/flexlm directory. Edit the file and replace 'server' with the actual server name.

Note: Add this line to the license file to lock down the sgiawd service to a certain port: VENDOR sgiawd port=****

Maya Client (Workstation) Installation

There are two steps to a workstation-installation:

  • create the license-file on the client workstation, which will direct the workstation Maya client to "talk" to our flexlm server for authourization to run
  • install the Maya software (currently version 7 - Jan. 2008)

At this time of writing (Jan. 2008) we have 3 "Permanent" copies of Maya Unlimited, with Cloth, Fluids and Fur effects.

Maya Client: License File

The location of this license-file varies a bit, according to your OS:

  • Mac: /var/flexlm/aw_client.dat
  • Windows: C:\FLEXlm\aw_servername.dat
  • Linux, IRIX, etc: /var/flexlm/aw_servername.dat

Open a text-editor and create the license-file that points to our flexlm server. For Windows, the file is:


The file must contain:

SERVER 0 7111

Maya Client: Software Installation

Grab the CD's, begin installing and follow your nose :-)
After installing, with the license-file in place, it should "just work" :-)

For server debug output:

# tail -f /var/log/flexlm.log