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PaperCut - Student Printing Services

PaperCut is the account-based cost recovery print management system used in the IT Services student computer labs across all SFU campuses. Student printing is structured to cover the costs of paper, toner, printer leasing and maintenance. All students, faculty and staff with a balance in their ‘cash’ funds can print to the student computer labs.

You can find information on PaperCut by going to this web page:

Network Error Message

Sometimes, Papercut will attempt to connect to the print server before the computer on which it is installed has established a connection to the network. When this happens, you'll see a message pop up similar to this:

PCClient Network Error Msg.png

PCClient will repeated try to connect to its server so it will be fine once your computer connects to the network. But if you want to suppress that message, you can do so by using a text editor to edit the program's configuration file. The file is located as follows:

  • Windows
    • \program files (x86)\papercut mf client\
  • Mac
    • ~/Library/Preferences/PCClient/

At the bottom of the file, append this line: