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This is a page where each of us, as grad students, can share what we know about the lab facilities and resources. You don't have to be an expert to participate. If we each offer to help out by contributing the bits we know, together we can create a strong research community that will make our work much easier and definitely more fun!

Resource/skill to share

Morae (usability software testing program)

I have some experience with this and will be using it in my research if you want to talk about it. Also, I'll be demonstrating a bit of what we did in a research project with Morae at the Colloquium Sept. 28/05. Denise (

Video production and editing

I've got a fair bit of experience here - Denise (

Audio production and editing

I've got some experience here - Denise (

FLOSS (Free Libre and Open Source Software) For Art production and day to day

  • Pure-Data
  • Basic Electronics/sensors & Arduino on linux
  • Working with A/V Media on Linux (Alsa, jack, mplayer, vlc, cinelerra, kino, gimp, inkscape, scribus, openoffice, ffmpeg etc..)
  • Ubuntu & Debian

- B. Bogart